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Bangkok Aircraft Conference

Join EmpowerMX at Aircraft IT Conference in Bangkok 23rd & 24th October

  • Conference Agenda Highlights:  Paperless Aircraft Maintenance & Flight Deck; Robotics and Predicitive Technology, e-Signatures; Aircraft Connectivity; Big-Data Analytics; Mobile Line Maintenance; eTechLog; RFID; EFB Case Studies; Fuel and Operational Efficiency; Aircraft eEnablement; MRO Software Selection and Implementation; Live Flight Tracking solutions; Live Weather Data; Paperless Aircraft Manuals; Advanced Flight Planning Solutions; Latest Innovations, plus lots more.
  • Attend the very popular EFB, Fuel Efficiency and MRO/M&E IT Vendor showcases
  • Demo the solutions from 45+ leading MRO / M&E & Flight Operations IT Software and Hardware Vendors
  • Pre-Conference Aviation Cyber Security Training Workshop: Learn about modern digital capabilities across the industry, their value, current vendors and the ability to make optimum business decisions.

More details are here