FleetCycle®enables OEMs to better support their customers through advanced technology and data delivery, like Electronic Logbook and Electronic Task Cards.

Most OEM are providing an MRO capability to provide complete care for their airline customers, in which case our FleetCycle® MRO product provides all the benefits generated to our traditional MRO customers. In addition, by allowing your customers to more quickly troubleshoot and manage maintenance activities with FleetCycle®, OEMs increase the lifecycle value of your airplanes, while better understanding how that information is used so that you can improve your airplane programs.

Performance Monitoring

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Electronic Logbook

In order to better understand how your OEM airplanes perform in the air, provide Electronic Logbook to customers. They can easily write logbook findings and transmit to the ground before the plane lands, enabling them to more quickly troubleshoot. As an OEM, you will have better visibility with Electronic Logbook to MEL items and what your customer experiences with your aircraft.

Electronic Data Delivery

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Electronic Task Cards *NEW*

Find great benefit using Electronic Task Cards, whether you are supporting your own MRO as an OEM and looking for increased efficiency, or as an OEM, you are looking to make your customers more efficient with electronic data. As an MRO, your organization can expect to achieve the productivity gains with minimal paperwork, elimination of auditing and the costly QA process that traditional paper requires. Acting as an OEM, you can use Electronic Task Cards to provide your original OEM content to your airline customers so that they can in turn be more efficient, while enabling you to better understand the relationship between routine maintenance and non-routine findings.

OEM, as an MRO

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Production Manager

If you are providing maintenance to your airline customers, use production manager to manage heavy maintenance and improve visibility to your supplier network. Manage the detail of your heavy maintenance execution from scheduling of resources and tasks, tracking the execution real-time throughout the maintenance activity. Through Production Manager, assign work and track accomplishment of routine and non-routine task cards. Additional options for Production Manager include:

Critical Path
Improve the critical path of scheduled maintenance by understanding your critical path and adjusting those resources that will allow you to save money and reduce turn around time for maintenance.

Manpower Planning
Reduce labor costs and meet schedule commitments by shifting manpower to where your facility needs it most.

Base Manager Dashboard
Create your own dashboard, providing improved visibility to your operations.

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Billing & Contact Manager

With dynamic billing, work closely with your customer and network suppliers to approve additional maintenance for non-routine activity. Let FleetCycle® monitor customer specific terms by contract, notifying you any time a particular threshold may be exceeded so that you can work with your customer for required approval.

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Use Records to scan and index any paper task cards for return to your customers. Eliminate manual linking between paper cards and line items in the bill of work. Task cards can be electronically stored for direct customer retrieval.

Improved System Integration

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Integration Services Bus *NEW*

Connect your systems using our aviation maintenance suite of Spec5000-compliant API to translate and load data, either in batch or real time, depending on your need. Using available API reduce your integration cost, though customizations are available upon request. API are available to license with other FleetCycle products or independently.